Six stress-free ways to save for your next holiday


Holidays are great. Everyone loves a holiday, most of the time it’s what we work for. But all too often the final bill arrives and we find ourselves short and having to top up with a flexible friend.

In this post, I want to show you six simple and pain-free ways of saving towards your next holiday and I guarantee these are all ways that we have used successfully to pay in full for our last two week-long September breaks to Malta and the Greek island of Skiathos.

First of all, you need a separate account where you can stash all this cash and watch it build up. Don’t whatever you do try and save in your current account. It won’t work.

So here goes;

Swap your bank account for one that pays you monthly for your transactions such as the Santander 123 account. This account pays you for standing orders, mortgage payments and savings.

Have an account that pays you simply for having an account! We use the Halifax Reward current account which pays a mere £3 per month for having £750 paid in monthly and 2 direct debits going out. £3 isn’t much I know but it all counts. If you’re canny and don’t already have this account you can get £125 simply for switching to it. Another bonus of this account is that it also offers cashback deals on certain restaurants, coffee shops, stores and so on. Again as a percentage, you’ll probably only make £5-£10 per month but hey, it’s all going into that fund.

Open up a Top Cashback ( or similar) account. What could be easier? You’re shopping anyway, you may as well shop online and either get it delivered or go and collect. This one is a slow burner for us so far but it all counts, eh.

Save your £2 coins. Find a money box and every time you get a £2 coin in your change pop it in. Doesn’t seem like much but we’ve been doing this for a few years now and literally every year we end up with between £120 and £150. Admittedly it sucks when you go for a pint of milk and all you have is a £10 note and get four £2 coins in your change. And because cash is becoming less common now in some places, you may not get quite as many £2 coins so we’ve added 50p pieces as well.


Car boot sales. Ah yes, that old favourite. But it works. It helps you get rid of old clothes, books, toys, games etc AND you get maybe £50-£100 every time you do it. Easy.

car boot

And I promise you, those six things are all we’ve done for the last two years and our September weeks away have been paid for.

What do you do to put money aside for holidays, or are you a “put-it-on-the-plastic” type?

Let me know.

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