Five things to book BEFORE you go to New York in the Winter

We love New York, we’d go back time and time again if we could. Our first trips were in the sweltering heat of the summer, so just to mix things up, we decided to try a visit in December.

new york 2016 015
The Christmas Tree outside the Rockefeller Centre, NY

Turns out that lots of people had the same idea. So, to make your life easier, if you’re thinking of a trip to The Big Apple to get great deals on cheap Christmas gifts and take in a few sights too, here’s a list of things you HAVE to book before you go.

Don’t just turn up on the day, unless you want to spend most of your holiday in a queue, and let’s face it you could stay in the UK and do that.

The Empire State Building

Probably THE single most iconic building in the whole of New York since King Kong climbed it and believe me EVERYONE wants to see it. Save yourself the trouble of waiting with 50,000 other tourists and book a slot before you go. We went early in the morning and were on our way back down and out of the doors before the queues had even got started. Tickets are available from sites like smartdestinations and allow you to build your trip.

Ice-skating in front of The Rockefeller Centre

Everyone wants to do this, don’t they? And if you decide to just join a queue during the day you’ll see that actually pretty much everyone does want to do it. You can pre-book though and I’d strongly advise it. Look at The Rink at Rockefeller Centre before you go for times. When we booked, we went at 7am one morning which was pretty amazing. Plus, it left us the rest of the day to do what we wanted.

Broadway Show

There are literally dozens of shows on Broadway and just as many ‘off’ Broadway. Of course, you can wait till you get there and take your chances, but these shows get booked fast so why not make the most of sites like to make sure you get to see the show you want to see.

A Comedy Show

New York is famed for the image of the stark brick wall and the comic in front of it with nothing but a microphone in front of them. There are a few in New York and well worth a visit on one of your nights. Just be warned that at some shows there is a ‘minimum drinks’ caveat on the ticket, meaning that you can’t just go in and enjoy the shows, you have to purchase a minimum of, usually, two drinks per person. That said, though, it’s well worth it and The New York Comedy Club on East 24th Street sells tickets for shows in advance.

Radio City Music Hall

If a Broadway show isn’t your thing then why not get along to Radio City Music Hall and see the legendary Rockettes in a song and dance extravaganza. Tickets for the Christmas shows are available from

Why not couple that trip with a visit to the Rockefeller Centre and take in the stunning views of Central Park. If you’re lucky it may be snowing and the acres of parkland will be transformed into a brilliant white blanket of snow and ice.

Well, there are a few ideas for a trip. Admittedly, most of them can be done whenever you go to New York, but try it in the winter, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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