The ultimate recharge break. A step by step guide.


Image; pixabay /creative commons


Life is tiring, isn’t it?

It’s stressful having to pay bills, keep the boss happy, keep the family happy and earn enough to go away somewhere.

But, do you know what. You owe it to yourself to kick back every year, for a week at least and not worry about pleasing anyone but you.

After a busy few years visiting New York, South Africa, Malta and various mini-breaks in this country we sat down and decided that from then on we’d spend at least a week every year fully recharging our batteries and preparing for whatever the next year threw at us.

So, here’s what we do every year. You should try it!

Where is it?

The where is Portugal. Or to be more specific, the Algarve coast about 40 minutes from Faro airport and 20  minutes from the super-quaint old town of Albufeira.

What is it?

The ‘it’ is a hotel. It’s an adults only hotel, but it doesn’t involve swapping keys or anything. It just doesn’t allow children under the age of 16 so you can just imagine the quiet.

Try it…..can you imagine it?

Yes, that’s EXACTLY what it’s like.

The hotel we use is one of the Vila Gale hotel chain and has just 40 rooms so there is that extra personal touch.

What do we do there?

In short, not a great deal. But then isn’t that the whole point? That’s why we come here. No-one bothers us.

But you must do something? Well, ok, here’s a list and I promise you, this is it.


The Vila Gale Praia has a really good on-site restaurant which we use probably two or three times in the week.

There is also a terrace restaurant-bar about two minutes away overlooking the beach where you can sit eating Portuguese steaks and drinking red wine watching the sunset.

A short walk of 10 minutes takes you to ‘Grelha Do Ti Manel’, a fish restaurant that serves the best ever fish platters. Waiters go round with trays full of freshly barbequed fish and when one tray is empty they simply go back to the kitchen and fill it up with something else.

And this is repeated until you concede defeat.



The hotel Vila Gale Praia has its’ own vineyards that produce the wine for their restaurant and it’s delicious.

A few cocktails never go amiss either, nor does an afternoon beer when we decide to wander down to the local bar.


We love reading. Trouble is, most of the year, probably like you, we’re too tired to do it for long, so this is our escape. We load up with about 5 books each and get through probably one a day.


No days out or sightseeing for us!

Sorry, that’s the other holidays.


It’s hot in Portugal, especially in June and July when we tend to visit. The hotel has a brilliant pool.

And guess what?

Because there are no children, it’s just a pool. No slides, no inflatables, no nets, games or balls.

Just water.

They’ve even kept it at a sensible depth all over just in case a leisurely swim is too much and you want to plant your feet on the ground and walk a length or two.


It’s funny how your body reacts when you do nothing.

We sleep. A lot.

Generally, after a brief read in the morning, we have a nap and again after lunch. The weird thing is though, is that if that was here my sleep cycle would be completely up the creek and I’d be awake till 3am.

Not here though.

Doesn’t matter how many naps we have during the day, we’re still zonked out by 11pm!

So there you have it. My foolproof guide to the ultimate recharge your batteries holiday.

What do you do when you want to recharge?

Let me know. Drop me a comment and let’s see if we can improve on this.





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