Seven amazing things you can do in Vegas if you hate gambling.


The Las Vegas sign ( photo commons wikimedia/author Thomas Wolf)


Let’s face it, most people will go on a trip to Vegas because it’s up there with the other big bucket-list destinations.

And it is definitely worth it.

But what if you just don’t gamble. What else is there to do?

Well, here’s a list of seven amazing things you can do;


Go up the Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas ( photo wikimedia commons/author Michael Karavanov)


Get yourself over to Paris opposite The Bellagio and you’ll see ( you can’t really miss it) a half-scale model of the real Eiffel Tower. It’s well worth a visit and the views from the top over the Strip are pretty stunning.

Get a photo with the ‘Las Vegas’ sign

You’ll find this iconic sign just south of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and casino. Park up in one of the 12 parking bays that have been added since 2008. Unbelievably, before that tourists had to dodge the traffic to get that great shot.

Have a gondola ride

Head over to The Venetian  hotel and casino which is, as its’ name suggests, a hotel built to look like a Venetian palazzo. Inside you’ll find gondoliers who will give you the full Venetian experience without ever having to set foot in Italy!

Take a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon ( photo wikimedia commons/ author Grand Canyon National Park)


You can take a bus to the Grand Canyon too, but hey, who wants to sit for two hours in a bus in 40-degree heat when you can get there in 30 minutes in a helicopter AND you have that extra special treat of cresting the canyon for the first time. Our pilot will forever be our hero for playing Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ as we flew into the canyon.


Make sure you book a trip that will land you somewhere on the canyon floor for a snack or drink so you can get a feel for just how immense this place really is.

See a show

You will be spoilt for choice in Vegas. We opted for the ‘Cirque du Soleil ‘O’ show. I can only assume that the ‘O’ stands for ‘Oh my God’. It was one of the most breathtaking, brilliantly delivered shows I have ever seen, featuring a stage which in turns filled with water and then emptied again.

Watch the fountains outside ‘The Bellagio’


The fountains at The Bellagio ( photo wikimedia commons/author Brocken Inaglory)


As a spectacle that is completely free, it is a rarity in Vegas. The brilliantly choreographed light and sound spectacle take place every 30 minutes or every 15 minutes depending on the time of day, so whenever you go there you won’t have too long to wait.

Visit Fremont Street

A trip downtown to Fremont Street will give you a taste of what Vegas used to be like when it was nicknamed ‘Glitter Gulch’.


Fremont Street, Las Vegas ( image pixabay creative commons)


Take in the excesses of the area with street performers who are dressed to shock, the aptly named ‘Heart Attack Grill’ who lets people over 300 pounds eat for free and has scales outside just in case. Wander down the street trying to take it all in as the zip wire zooms along over your head. If this all gets too much then take a short walk to ‘Downtown Container Park’ for a vibrant and welcoming area where you can sit and enjoy a drink away from the bright lights of the street.

Vegas is a place that is up there on most people’s bucket lists, and with good reason. It is an absolute one-off. Hopefully, if you’ve got plans for a visit I’ve given you a few ideas.

Let me know.



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