5 of the Most Awe-Inspiring Natural Sights on Earth

If these five aren’t on your bucket list then get them on there pronto!

They are amongst the most jaw-dropping, naturally stunning sights you will ever see and best of all, they don’t cost a penny. Just get yourself there and have a look at nature in all its glory.

Table Mountain, South Africa


Table Mountain from the bay. My photo.


Probably the most impressive thing about Table Mountain is how it completely dominates the skyline of Cape Town. It is the first thing you see as you fly into Cape Town International airport and it is the one thing that you can see wherever you go in the city. It is also home to more species of indigenous flora than the entire British Isles and is a camera buff’s dream because not only is the mountain itself photo-worthy but the views from the top are without comparison, stretching for miles in every direction.


Ayers Rock, Australia


Ayers Rock
Ayers Rock at sunset.(photo wikimedia commons/author Weyf)


Ayers Rock stands alone in the Australian outback like the hump of a gigantic prehistoric beast. Visible for miles, the massive sandstone rock looks like it has been placed deliberately by some unseen hand.

The rock is famed for appearing to glow red at dawn and dusk and tours of the rock have been designed to allow tourists to see this phenomenon.

Niagara Falls, USA & Canada


Niagara Falls. ( photo wikimedia commons/author Saffron Blaze)


Not the highest waterfall in the world but certainly one of the most spectacular and accessible. Niagara Falls sits on the border of the USA and Canada.

Any visit here has to take in a trip on the ‘Maid of The Mist’, a boat which goes so close to the falls that you can barely hear yourself speak over the thunderous noise of the water.

Similarly, go and explore the falls up close and personal with a ‘Cave of the Winds’ tour. With just a light poncho for protection, you’ll still get a good soaking as you get a real feel for the power of the falls.

Gullfoss, Iceland


Gullfoss, Iceland ( photo wikimedia commons/author WoSie)


One of the natural wonders of the world, the Gullfoss spans an entire river and makes two drops, the first of 11 metres then to 21 metres at its highest point.

To add to the natural beauty of the place, in winter the falls can freeze over leaving waves frozen in mid-break and in summer you will see thousands of rainbows as the water reacts with the sunlight.

The Grand Canyon, USA


The Grand Canyon, USA ( photo wikimedia commons)


An utterly breathtaking example of the force of nature. The Grand Canyon has been formed over 2 billion years and stretches for 277 miles and is up to 18 miles wide and 1 mile deep in parts. Trips to the canyon from Las Vegas are run on a daily basis and really should be part of anyone’s visit to this area.

For sheer size and magnitude, this place takes some beating.

So, those are my five. Maybe you disagree. What would you like to see on a list/

Let me know.

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