About me

Welcome to my new blog. I hope you stick around and read some things I’ve written here and better still that you decide to follow me. ( I’ll follow back I promise.)

I’ll be writing about the things I really enjoy such as

  • Travelling. Last year we visited South Africa, New York, Portugal and Malta and had a good few weekends away as well.


  •  Eating out in decent restaurants. We love eating out and trying new places. So far in London we’ve been to The Ivy, Roux at The Landau, Galvin at Windows, Quillon, Ormer and Craft at the O2. We’re looking forward to adding to that list.


  • Red wine. We love a nice bottle of red and if I find anything worthwhile I’ll share it on here.


  • Reading. I’m a proper bookworm but often read things I shouldn’t rather than what’s recommended as ‘literature’. This year I’ve promised myself on my ‘Goodreads’ app that I’ll try and read some books that are considered ‘classics’.

So, have a read, make some comments, follow me.